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Top Four Foundation Routine Faux Pas

With the holidays approaching and cooler weather upon us (finally!), we all want that flawless face for that all important holiday party at the office or your family photo session for holiday cards. Whatever the occasion, I just thought I'd share my top four foundation routine mistakes that could get in the way of achieving beautiful, flawless skin.

1. Your foundation isn't meeting your current needs

Are you still wearing the same foundation that you wore in mid July at the height of your tan? Has the moisture level of your skin changed (either too dry or too oily) due to the weather? If you answered yes to either one of these it might be time to change up your foundation. I always suggest that my clients have a different foundation formula and/or color specifically for the winter months. A foundation to match your post tan skin tone and moisture level that caters to your current winter skin will help you achieve that beautiful completion perfect for work or play.

2. Your skincare isn't meeting your current needs

Makeup always looks better over skin that is well taken care of. It doesn't take the most expensive luxury brands to care for your skin properly, but mindfulness about what your skin needs. The needs of your skin could vary from day to day (some days are dryer than others) or season to season (oily in the summer and dry in the fall & winter). I suggest wearing under eye cream, a serum, and moisturizer under your foundation that meets the current needs of your skin. Many of my clients are surprised by how much more flawless their skin looks after applying the appropriate skincare.

3. Foundation application

With so many applicators on the market this one can be tricky to troubleshoot. If you've addressed your skincare and foundation and still aren't achieving your desired look, chances are it might be time to change up your application method or hone your skills. If you prefer applying your makeup with a flat foundation brush (like the MAC 190 brush), try using long, even strokes starting from the center of your face and work outward. If you're using a kabuki style foundation brush, try stippling from the center of your face and work outward. If you prefer a beauty sponge, make sure your sponge isn't too wet or too dry and work in small sections starting in the center of the face and work outward. Don't be afraid to experiment! Some foundations apply better using a brush and other brands/formulas (Nars comes to mind) applies better with your fingers. Be sure to practice before your big event to see which method you prefer.

4. Embrace your unique features

This one isn't makeup related, but still important to mention here. Have you ever heard the expression "comparison is the thief of joy"? I think it's especially true when talking about foundation and skin. We have all seen swoon-worthy Instagram accounts and videos of our favorite YouTube gurus or our favorite celebrity in a magazine and wondered why our skin doesn't look like that. It's important to embrace your own skin and unique features and the specific needs of your skin. We all have pores, some of us have more freckles than others, some of us have acne scars, the list goes on. With the abundance of apps out there aimed at helping us achieve the perfect selfie, it's no wonder that some of us have started to feel insecure about our own skin after scrolling through Instagram. Be mindful of the use of filters and apps aimed at creating the most flawless image. There is beauty in uniqueness and what is appropriate in photography may not look good for daily wear.

I hope that this list helps you achieve that flawless foundation look that you've always wanted. If you would like to learn more and are located in Central Texas, I'd love to help you get ready for your wedding, holiday party, or teach you how to achieve your most flawless look in a one-on-one makeup lesson. Head over to my Homepage to see my contact information, I'd love to hear from you!



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