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Why Brides Need a Makeup Artist On The Big Day: A Guideline For Finding Your Perfect Bridal MUA

As a makeup artist, this is something that I encounter nearly everyday, the debate about whether or not splurging for a makeup artist is necessary for the wedding. Spoiler Alert!! You need a makeup artist for your wedding! This post will tell you why and help you find the perfect makeup artist for your wedding, no matter the budget.

Brides, the day of your wedding will go down as one of the most important days of your life. Creating a union with the one you love in front of your family and friends is a moment to cherish, so why would you not want to look your best? Lately, I have encountered many brides who elect to have a family member do their makeup on their special day, even if that person isn't a professional. Now I understand it's the sentiment of the event that counts, but pictures last a lifetime!! Having your makeup done doesn't mean looking unlike yourself or being so made up that you are hardly recognizable to those that know you.

Bridal makeup (especially to those debating whether or not to get their makeup done) should be clean, timeless, and beautifully applied. Professional makeup artists are experts at color correcting, choosing products that are appropriate for your skin type and products that look great in photographs, not to mention experts at setting the makeup so it lasts all day/night. Applying makeup for brides is essentially like getting a celebrity ready for a red carpet event; the makeup needs to photograph well and look great in person. A makeup enthusiast does not have the same knowledge and skill as a makeup artist when it comes to the aforementioned areas. Hiring a professional will take all the worry out of whether or not your makeup will look perfect with your dress or if it will photograph well for the big day. It is important to not wait until the last minute to hire a makeup artist. Booking your glam squad is just as important as finding your dress or your venue. Just like your ideal venue, your makeup artist book up fast, especially during peak wedding season and popular dates (like 8-18-18). If you've been wanting a makeup artist but aren't sure where to start, turn to the internet.

Asking friends for recommendations and browsing through Yelp is a great place to get started. Word of mouth referrals are the cornerstone of my business, so ask your friends who they went with (or wish they had gone with) on their special day. Many professional makeup artists have both an Instagram and/or Facebook, but look for those who go the extra mile with a professional website. The professional website should contain a portfolio where you can get an idea of their style. Once you have found one you like or a few you like, it doesn't hurt to message them to find out their prices, if a price list is not provided. Many makeup artists charge by the specific circumstances of the job, so make sure that you explain what it is that you're looking for as far as where you want to get ready, when the wedding is, roughly how many people (if you're looking to get your whole wedding party glammed up) and what is included in their services.

Professionals usually travel to you, but some don't, so that is also something to ask. Also, inquire about a bridal trial and how much one would cost or if it included in the price. A bridal trial is the best way to figure out whether or not you want to hire a makeup artist for your wedding day. Side note, don't be shy during the bridal trial (no, I'm not talking about being a Bridezilla), explain what you're looking for or say that you're unsure if you are. A professional makeup artist will help walk you through the experience. Scheduling your bridal trial on the same day as a get together with your bridal party will provide you with an honest audience about whether to book the wedding with the artist.

Once you have found an artist that you would like to hire, insist on the terms of the price and arrangements in writing. Most professional makeup artists provide a bridal contract, but in the event they don't, insist on one. If they will not provide you with one I'd search for another artist.

If you have done your research on professionals in your area and they still are out of your price range, there is always cosmetic counters. MAC, Bobbi Brown, Anastasia, NARS, Chanel... there are so many great brands out there with amazing, talented artists. Go to your local department store and scope out the talent. Many counters take makeup application appointments and all you pay for is a minimum product purchase. That gives you an opportunity to purchase all of the items you'll need to touch up with at the wedding (lipstick, lipliner, powder...). Each counter is different as far as their minimum purchase amount, so visit and do your research. You can still sit down with an artist for a bridal trial at a makeup counter and get to know your artist. Just be sure to allot yourself plenty of time on the day of your wedding and make sure you make your appointment well in advance.

I hope this helps all of you brides out there navigate through the makeup planning portion of your wedding. If you have any other thoughts and suggestions for the brides out there, let me know by emailing me at

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