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2022, Not 2020 Too!

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Happy New Year! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season celebrating with your friends and family! The coming of a new year makes two different types of people stand out in my life and in my news feed on social media; those that are super motivated with a ton of goals for how to make their life better, the ‘new year you me’ types or the others that are like nobody cares, I’m the same person I was yesterday and will continue to be that person tomorrow.

To be honest, I don’t really think that I fall into any one category, but comfortably straddle the line between being totally motivated to do the damn thing and also not wanting to do anything at all. Who else can relate?

I read recently somewhere that creating all of these new goals and being totally gung-ho is completely unrealistic for your brain and that there is no way you will ever keep these goals. Others say if you are the kind that wants to make goals that you should commit to making a small tweak or a small change that you keep for a shorter term, like 30 days so they become a habit.

While I am not completely in the realm of thinking that making goals is impossible, I think that the more realistic small tweak style of goal setting is a little more my speed. I really like the idea of being better and doing better in 2022, but doing so intentionally and at a pace that I can actually stick with. Some of the things that I have been tossing around as goals for 2022 is being a better dog mom by making time to play ball with Silly every single day the weather allows and to exercise my body as well with yoga and fitness activities that I enjoy.

Silly and I in 2019

I have a lot of goals for my business in 2022 as well. One of my goals is to be more organized and be able to keep details and other office work more in order to get on a regular schedule to prevent burnout. I also want to post more on social media including my YouTube channel. Did you guys know that I have a YouTube? I have one video posted as of right now, but definitely want to get better about putting things on all of my social media platforms in 2022. I also want to create not just a following, but a community. I want my community to be full of supportive, like-minded people who like to have fun, support me as well as support others, are passionate about makeup, and want to see what life as a professional makeup artist is all about. So many of my clients want to know what I do behind the scenes and I have always thought it wasn’t cool enough to post, but I think that I need to be better about letting the audience decide instead of shooting down an idea as a bad one or a waste of time.

Goals for my business would not be complete without considering the cornerstone of my business, my clients. What goals do you have for 2022? If you’re getting married this year, what are your goals for your wedding? I hear it’s supposed to be the busiest wedding season since 1984, so with so many weddings happening this coming year, what is it that you want out of your wedding/the planning process? What are your personal/professional goals for 2022? But more importantly, how can I be of more service to you, my clients, in 2022? Let me know with a quick reply to my email or to my social media accounts, I’d love to hear all about what you're working on for 2022 so I can cheer you on!

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