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Andi and Andrew’s Star Wars-Themed Wedding: May 4, 2024

A Fun and Relaxed Wedding at Moon River Ranch

Andi and Andrew’s wedding on May 4, 2024, celebrated their love and their passion for Star Wars, with “May the 4th be with you” as a predominant theme. This fun and relaxed atmosphere perfectly captured the couple’s nature and set the tone for their special day.

Initial Contact and Engagement Preparations

Andi reached out to me in May 2023, long before she had booked many of her vendors. During our initial phone call, we instantly connected. Andi needed someone to handle makeup for her, her family, and friends at Moon River Ranch. She also needed someone for her engagement shoot with Andrew. Andi had experienced bad luck with previous vendors, but our conversation put her at ease, and she decided to hire me for both her engagement shoot and wedding makeup.

Engagement Shoot and Initial Planning: A Star Wars Themed Wedding

When Andi and Andrew came to my studio for the engagement shoot, it was clear that their wedding would be a memorable event. Andi’s meaningful Star Wars-themed tattoos and their love for animals added a unique touch to their story. As we discussed her big move to Texas and wedding plans, I could see their vision coming together.

Bridal Preview and Final Touches

In late April 2024, Andi returned to my studio for her bridal preview, accompanied by her mom and a binder full of plans. She had chosen sage and lilac as the colors for her bridesmaids' gowns and wanted to incorporate these elements into her makeup. We decided on a plum shade for her lids, with a darker brown for added smokiness, black liner, and Ardell false lashes. For her complexion, I used MAC Studio Fix Fluid, Plum Foolery blush from MAC, and Fairest Nude lipstick from L'Oreal to achieve a balanced and elegant look.

Wedding Day at Moon River Ranch

The wedding day was cloudy and cool, perfect for a late spring event in Texas. I set up in the charming bridal suite at Moon River Ranch and got to work on Andi, her mom, Andrew’s adoptive moms, Andi’s sister, and her friends. Each lady had a unique story, and it was a joy to connect with them. The atmosphere was relaxed and joyous, with Andi’s flower girl visiting the bridal suite in the morning.

A Heartwarming Experience

One of the highlights of the day was glamming up the mothers of the bride and groom. Hearing stories about the couple from those who know them best was heartwarming, and surprising the moms with special looks made me truly happy. Andi and Andrew’s generosity shone through as they invited me to join the ceremony and reception. Andi even made a custom bag for me, filled with thoughtful gifts in the wedding colors.

Client Testimonial

Andi had this to say about her experience with me:

“I can’t recommend Diana Marie Makeup Artistry highly enough! On my wedding day, she worked her magic on me, my mom, our adoptive moms, and some of my bridesmaids, making each one of us feel like absolute princesses. Despite meeting nearly all of them for the first time, she knew exactly what to do for each face, ensuring everyone felt comfortable and stunning.Diana was incredibly pleasant to work with and was also my go-to for my engagement photos and a bridal preview. Our conversations felt natural and easy, making the whole experience even more enjoyable.I truly wish Diana could have stayed for the entire wedding and reception to be part of the event she helped make so beautiful. Her amazing skills and warm personality made all the difference.I can’t imagine ever choosing another makeup artist. From now on, whether it’s for a professional photo shoot, family photos, a holiday event, or any other occasion, Diana will be the only makeup artist I trust.Thank you, Diana, for making our day so special and for your incredible talent!”

Vendor Team

A big thank you to Andi’s incredible vendor team:

Final Thoughts

Andi and Andrew’s wedding was a beautiful celebration of love, filled with meaningful details and heartfelt moments. It was an honor to be part of their special day, and I look forward to working with more wonderful couples in the future.

Bride and mother of the groom portrait
Bride and mother of the groom c/o Gato Gordo Creations

Bride and Groom portrait
Bride and Groom c/o Gato Gordo Creations

Bride, groom, and maid of honor on the wedding day
Andi, Andrew and Andi's Sister on the wedding day c/o Gato Gordo Creations

Bride and Groom on their wedding day
Andi and Andrew C/O Gato Gordo Creations

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