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How to Declutter Your Makeup Bag for Clarity and Efficiency

Recently, I seriously hurt my back. It wasn’t just a sore muscle after a gig; I was in so much pain that even rolling over in bed was difficult, and getting out of bed on my own was impossible. This injury happened back in March, and despite my efforts to tough it out, stretch, and rehab myself, I woke up one morning a few months later in excruciating pain. I spent that Sunday morning sobbing, worried about living with this pain daily. I knew I needed to make a change, and I realized the answer was something I had been dreading: decluttering my makeup kit.

If you’ve worked with me before, you know I come prepared with everything—lights, chairs (sometimes two), and two large train cases filled with makeup for any occasion. However, carrying all this equipment, especially up stairs to bridal suites often far from parking lots, had taken a toll on my body. Plus, standing for hours without breaks was exhausting. I knew I had to simplify my kit, but I kept putting it off until I couldn't ignore it any longer. After a visit to my talented chiropractor, Dr. Ali, I was pain-free and ready to make a crucial change.

Makeup on Table
Makeup with plastic packaging creates bulk for artists

I spent the last two days cleaning out my kit. I switched to a professional suitcase-like bag with multiple compartments and a two-tiered zipper system. Though I dreaded this task, I knew it was necessary for my well-being. I meticulously sorted through all my products, critically evaluating what I used, what I didn’t, what was old, and what needed to be added back. This process, known as "depotting" in the makeup world, took hours of scraping, organizing, and condensing, but the result was a clean, organized, and compact kit. More importantly, I gained a sense of clarity about my work as a makeup artist, understanding what my clients needed and what I used most.

Perhaps you need to experience this transformation too. Do you ever look at your makeup bag and feel overwhelmed by the thought of organizing it? Your bag might be full of items you don’t use or never figured out how to use, leaving you feeling defeated. This is where I can help. In my makeup lessons, I offer what I call a "makeup bag audit." Bring all your makeup, and I’ll help you sort through it, deciding what to keep, what to toss, and how to use what you have in new ways. These lessons are held year-round in my home studio, providing a collaborative, hands-on experience. I demonstrate techniques using your brushes and products on one side of your face, and then guide you as you complete the other side.

If you’re in the opposite situation, or if your teenage daughter is, and you have no idea what products to buy, I offer a premier makeup lesson. In this session, I provide the products based on your specific needs and budget. You’ll use these new products during your lesson and take them home with you, ensuring you have the right tools to enhance your look.

If you’re ready to free yourself from makeup clutter and learn how to be your own makeup artist, reply to this email to book your personalized makeup lesson and/or inquire about makeup lesson services.

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