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Skincare for Tweens: How Young is Too Young?

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How young is too young for skincare? This is a hot topic right now in my house, especially among my nieces. If you have girls aged 10 or 11 and early teenagers with access to any device connected to the Internet, they’ve likely been talking about the latest and greatest skincare or watching skincare videos. The power of short videos seems to captivate them in ways long-form content like movies and shows can't. Whether it's the influence of seeing older girls and women using skincare or just wanting to feel grown-up, this trend isn’t just in our household.

Recently, the girls went shopping with their Dad and returned upset because a sales rep at a skincare counter wouldn't sell them expensive products. The rep praised them for their natural beauty instead of making a sale. The adults were impressed by the rep’s integrity. She understood the importance of not overdoing skincare for young skin, as inappropriate products can cause more harm than good.

Skincare products can be ineffective or even damaging if not used by the appropriate age group. According to Dermatologist Daniel Sugai, MD (Instagram @danielsugaimd), teenagers and tweens can damage their skin barrier with exfoliants and leave-on treatments. Dr. Sugai advises keeping skincare routines simple for young people. A gentle cleanser at night and a gentle moisturizer are sufficient for tweens and teens. Effective skincare for tweens should focus on gentle and minimal products to maintain their natural beauty.

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On the other hand, older individuals should tailor their skincare to their specific needs. Women in their 20s and beyond should use a cleanser to remove makeup (like micellar water or a makeup melting oil/balm) followed by a second cleanser to thoroughly clean the skin. A daytime and nighttime moisturizer is essential. For issues like hyperpigmentation and fine lines, incorporating serums and exfoliants can be beneficial.

Everyone should use sunscreen daily. Relying on makeup for sun protection isn’t enough, as most makeups don't provide adequate coverage. Using a dedicated sunscreen or a moisturizer with SPF ensures proper protection.

If you're unsure about your skincare routine or your tween or teen needs help with their skincare and want practical advice on products, reply to this post. I'll create a list of suggested skincare items based on your concerns. Additionally, you could also schedule a 1:1 makeup lesson to learn how to integrate your skincare into your makeup routine and update your makeup routine in the process.

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