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The Bride Tribe Needs A Glam Squad Too, But Can I Afford It?

Everyone knows that the wedding is for the happy couple (ha, I have heard grooms say they know it's not for them, but totally for the bride!), but the entire wedding party deserves to look their best as well. After all, they supported you through the wedding planning process, came to your dress fittings and help you agonize over the details, so they also deserve a little pampering too!

But there is one small snag (there always seems to be one, doesn't there?!?!), securing a makeup artist/hairstylist for the event will require a deposit. Did you know that most makeup artists require a 25-50% of the cost of the total services to be rendered as a deposit to hold your date and reserve their services. Don't worry, this deposit should really be called a reservation fee and it typically is applied to your total when all is said and done. If you have a bridal party that is large, like seven or more, this can be a lot of money to fork over. You don't want to lose your artist, but you want to be able to make the deposit and comply with standard business practices and don't always have time to wait for everyone to get back to you with their cash, especially in peak season. DON'T WORRY!!! Below are 3 ways to help you reserve your favorite artist and have everyone feeling good!

  1. See who is interested and collect some money before you contact an artist

If you are not paying for the bridal party to get their hair and makeup done this will really help you out! First, find out who is interested in hair and makeup services (you may want everyone to get hair and makeup and that's okay too!) and collect money from each girl up front. That way when the artist gets back to you regarding availability, you're ready to sign that contract and send over that deposit!

2. Gift part of the hair and makeup services to your girls

If you aren't keen on collecting money from people upfront, then this might be a good option for you. You can always put down the deposit and have each girl pay for the remainder of the cost of their individual services directly to the artist/stylist. That way it eliminates having to collect money from people and figuring out the balance owed, plus if you have a diva in your bridal party and makes all kinds of crazy demands the day of (this is not as rare as you think), they can incur their own additional costs without that falling on you. It is also is a great way to have your bridal party in the day of glam experience and get ready with you! Plus, gifting part of the glam eliminates you having to get a bunch of gifts they may not use post wedding day, so it may actually end up saving you time and money in the long run (always a plus!).

3. Ask about a payment plan

If you are ballin' on a budget (no shame in your game) and want your bridal party to get hair and makeup done, but you can't cover the cost of the deposit immediately and you don't want to ask your bridal party for money upfront, you can always ask the makeup artist/hairstylist about a payment plan. If you get paid every other week or twice a month, breaking the deposit into two payments may be reasonable for you and your budget. It doesn't hurt to ask the artist if they would be comfortable with this. Well really it doesn't actually hurt to ask about a payment plan for the whole amount if you think you'll need it, but that is a whole other post. A payment plan would allow the artist would receive some money to hold the date with the promise that you will pay the rest by an agreed upon date. I have had a few clients do this and it really helped them out and they had never thought to ask about a payment plan until I offered one. I will say, however, if you agree to a payment plan and don't pay the second installment or flake completely, that artist will most likely not be able to secure your day without the deposit paid in full and also not refund what you have already paid. It may also cause the artist to not want to work with you at all and we don't want that! If you really need this as an option, please take it seriously! Every client I have offered this option to really wanted to work with me and I could tell they wanted to make the investment, but were paying for the wedding on their own and had bills due plus vendor deposits to make. I am not saying this will work with every stylist/makeup artist, but if this is your last hope to land your dream glam squad, then it is worth a shot!

There you have it, three ways to pay the deposit for you and your glam squad! I hope you found these ideas helpful! Let me know if you had other ways to pay the deposit, I'd love to hear from you!!

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