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Tips From A Waco Makeup Artist- Bridal Trials

If you're like me, you're strapped for time; it doesn't seem like there are enough hours in the day for your never ending to-do list to be accomplished. Brides are already strapped for time, working, planning a wedding, trying to stay within the budget and making decisions on seating that you never thought you were going to (like Aunt Sally can't sit next to cousin Eddie because they got in that fight two Christmases ago and never made up). The thought of a bridal trial seems daunting and time consuming and to some, even expensive and not quite worth it. As a busy person myself I understand the struggle of the juggle, but there are some strong benefits to getting a bridal trial.

Reason 1 to get a bridal trial: It lets you see the makeup artist's style on your face before your wedding day.

Your wedding day is one of the most important days in your relationship with your fiance (really in your life in general), so why hire someone and not try them out before hand? The reason for a trial is to see how the makeup artist's makeup application will look on your face. It gives you the opportunity to make adjustments so the look is customized to you and your tastes, the overall vibe of your wedding, as well as the needs of your skin. A bridal trial lets you meet with your artist and express any concerns about your skin so they can help guide you in the right direction before you do anything drastic, like get a chemical peel or buy expensive products or pick a blemish.

Reason 2 to get a bridal trial: It actually will save you time and provide you peace of mind

Making endless decisions about the smallest details for your wedding can be an exhausting task; there is so much to think about and consider! Spending some time getting pampered before your wedding and working out all the details of your makeup and hair will allow you to kick back on your wedding day and enjoy the day. It saves you from having to wonder how your makeup will look when the artist is done and allows you to just drink a mimosa with your girls and enjoy your last few hours before walking down the aisle. It gives you permission to not have to make anymore critical decisions. Furthermore, you'll have a pretty good idea how your makeup will look because the artist will use the same products on you for the day of the wedding that you agreed on at your trial.

Reason 3 to get a bridal trial: It gives you permission to take some quality self-love time for yourself during wedding planning.

Life is stressful and busy and sometimes all we want to do is unplug, put on a pair of comfy pj pants and lounge. I get it! But sometimes you just need more. How relaxing is it to just sit back and have someone play with your hair? Better yet, how relaxing is it to have someone put makeup on you and you're not the one struggling with winged liner and trying not to spill your loose powder all over the place? Slowing down and allowing that quiet relaxation while still being productive is the best of both worlds. You deserve to enjoy the wedding planning process! Nothing says that it has to be overly stressful and arduous, but if it is, this is the perfect escape. And if it's not, makeup is fun! You're worth it!

Reason 4 to get a bridal trial: It lets you try out the artist and if you don't jive, you're not out hundreds of dollars and have your wedding day on the line

I know what you're thinking, "Diana, you're supposed to talk people into a trial". This is precisely why you should have a makeup trial! Ideally you should have checked out your artist's work on social media and their website, checked out the reviews and just scoped them out in general before committing to your artist for your wedding. Unfortunately with COVID, people have had to make different plans and adjustments as the year has progressed. That means that the makeup artist who maybe you really wanted for your wedding is no longer available and you're trying out someone else. No matter who you decide to book with, even if it's your cousin's best friend from college who is good at makeup and they have no credentials to their name, insist on a bridal trial. You're only out a small fee compared to the fee of the entire bill for wedding makeup and hair. It will do all the things that I listed above, but most importantly, it lets you feel confident that glam is one less thing that you have to worry about and you trust that they're going to provide you with the service that you're hoping for. If the trial goes poorly (lets hope that isn't the case), then you can gently let the artist know that you've decided to go in a different direction and thank them for their time.

I hope this helps! Please connect with me via email or social media for more tips and advice about wedding glam!

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